MP3s: Killaflaw, TV on the Radio

Music of the week is Killaflaw’s Set Me On Fire.  Alex McAndrews (Clarkson) was playing this earlier in the ECCC MTB season and it’s a pretty sweet dance/rhythm song.  At 4:18 it’s short enough to play over the PA and is upbeat and moving but definitely not pop or techno.  Ideal warmup/get out the door music for me, and something I would listen to that works well in a race soundtrack.  The rest of the album is sadly solely a few (inferior) remixes and another song, but this single is a definite winner.

Also getting play this week on radio kopena is TV on the Radio’s DLZ. This has a slightly darker, destructive feel to it. It’s used excellently toward the end of the second season of Breaking Bad when Walt comes to a realization that he doesn’t want to let go of the business.  DLZ is probably toward the bottom end in terms of tempo on what I should play over the PA, but probably still workable.  This is a pretty cheap album and has some other good stuff on it, so worth checking out.