Weapon of Choice

So, to do a great injustice to the substantial amount of deliberating that went into it, a few days ago I up and ordered a new bike, my first in 6 1/2 years.  I’ve decided my $50 commuter doesn’t count against that tally…  In any event, fancyness!

Giant Trinity Composite 2

This will be my first TT bike.  I’ve never even used clip-ons for any meaningful length of time, so this should be real exciting, particularly when it arrives around New Year’s and the roads are all ice filled and slick…

Caitlin thinks this is ridiculous.  I don’t disagree, but I can only ever approve of ridiculous things.  Ultimately though the QCW team deal made it a pretty cheap purchase.  Originally I was looking at the Composite 1 but stepped down a level as they seem to be basically the same frame and definitely the same sure-to-be-upgraded wheels with still pretty reasonable components.  The price drop made it a no-brainer, I can’t imagine not getting the value out of it and won’t feel the need to baby handle the bike.  More importantly, the Composite 2 has a blue highlight rather than a black…

More seriously, I’m super excited about this.  Somewhat quietly, I spent a fair bit of summer riding this past year consciously working a bit on my TTing and it definitely improved leaps and bounds beyond what it ever used to be.  I found myself wishing for a TT bike a number of times, so in a complete reversal from a few years back I’m actually super eager to spend a lot of time with this.  You know, get out and crush people on the almighty WRD TT and maybe some state races.  I’m also really really excited about some ultra top secret, long-form TT training grounds we found on some of our super long exploratory rides this summer.  To a large extent I think 2011 was the year of mountain biking, and this will be the year of TTing.

Game. On.