Byrne State Forest, January 2019

Overnight trip with Adventure Girl squeezed between schedule constraints and weather, car camping and hiking in New Jersey’s Byrne State Forest.

More photos are in the Flickr gallery.

“Daaddyy, waakkee uuuppp!!”

Unsurprisingly in freezing temperatures we had the whole campground to ourselves. Lovely quiet forest the next day, encountering just a few pleasant people and horses. Got super lucky and the storm forecast for the afternoon held off, so we had quite pleasant winter weather all day.

Frozen lake.

I’ve never been to this forest before, and liked it a lot. Completely non-technical and flat (there are actually ADA accessible trails here), but several good length loops of enjoyable singletrack and doubletrack. Must be a mad house in summer, but very peaceful this weekend. Lots of lakes and marshes, which were especially scenic frozen over.

More photos are in the Flickr gallery.

Looking for enough snow to make snow angels.