Drexel Ride Rules

Up and AT THEM!

There were a number of serious problems on Wednesday’s ride, so I wanted to remind everyone of some rules in case you find yourself on a “Drexel ride”—as completely opposed to simply a Drexel ride (*)—and sometimes referred to as an “exploratory ride.”

  1. Maps, GPS devices, smartphones, and other navigational implements are strictly forbidden, as is following a known or marked route for any significant distance.  [20 demerits]
  2. Doubling back on the route is discouraged unless you’re doing repeats or crazy loop sequencing of hill or non-paved features.  [1 demerit per mile].
  3. Radioactive Man must be held in your left pocket! [2 demerits]
  4. All Radioactive Man attacks must happen from the left and never in traffic or on downhills! [2 demerits]
  5. You can only ride on the VF bike path if you’re TTTing, coming home after 35+ miles, or doing it for the irony of it. [1 demerit]
  6. You cannot come home through Manayunk without hitting Port Royal, Green Lane, the Wall, or the towpath. [1 demerit]
  7. Generally being a bike mechanical disaster. [1 demerit]

Current demerits tracking for the 2011–2012 year now begun following Labor Day:

  • Tim: 2 demerits (Radioactive Man pocket infraction)
  • Charles: 1 demerit (doubling back)
  • Joe: 1 demerit (skipping Manayunk features)
  • Brett H: 1 demerit (mechanical disaster; one and counting…)

(*) The rules for which are only that helmets are always required.