Black Forest PA, November 2017

Two nights, two days, 42 miles of some of central PA’s steepest and rockiest trails, solo on the Black Forest circuit in Tiadaghton State Forest. 11 hours on the hoof Saturday—3 of them after dark up and around several ravine edges in freezing rain—and 10 hours Sunday. One moderately bad fall, in first couple hours, on steep, leafy, rock creek descent. Bivvy sacking in sleet/snow mix overnight near the bottom of a ravine. Countless non-trivial creek crossings. Finishing with very steep rock descent after dark to the final run-out. Absolutely exceptional mix of terrain and trail types. Near constant ups & downs & twists, some very flow trails and some very very rugged, up and down and back and forth between high vistas and low ravines. 10/10, would do again, incredible super-fun trip.

More photos are in the Flickr gallery.

Prologue night’s camp.
Creek in Algerine Wild Area.
Snow dusted wood trail the second morning.